Hello, my name is Dave Kingaby and I operate KingServ - welcome to my Home Page which.  I hope you are able to take the time to have a look around at the range of services I am able to offer. These pages provide examples of the activities I am able to undertake; customers, however, may prefer a more tailored approach.  I will aim to meet your requirements by providing the personal touch and adding value.  The following provide an overview of my services, to read more click on the buttons to the left. 

By the way - if you are wondering about the logo - this combines my web design activity with my artistic side.  If you click on the logo you will see a graphic representation of the largest website I have produced; I copied this image and then graphically manipulated it to produce the logo.

Services available

Webshot of Brentwood Trampoline Club HomePagePresence

Many small businesses, family enterprises or public service bodies are increasingly aware that they need an online presence.  In many cases, however, providing a website is only part of the requirement.  I can provide a tailored approach to your needs including:


With over 30 years experience working in ICT-related jobs I have broad experience in the use of office applications and of ICT procurement.  I can use these capabilities to undertake a range of activities including:


Since I was quite young I have always been interested in photography and taken care to ensure that I surrounded myself with the right equipment to deliver acceptable results.  My commitment to quality also saw me take evening classes to A-level to develop my skills and eye for composition.  Having now embraced the new digital-age of photography I can undertake a range of tasks for you including:


As a British Gymnastics qualified Senior Coach, I have been working with performers of all ages from beginners to national grade for more than 15 years.  Working primarily with Brentwood Trampoline Club I am available at other times for activities such as:

Contact Information

If you would like to find out more, or arrange for a 'no obligation' discussion about your requirements, then please either complete the enquiry form or contact me as follows.


01277 219915


07712 877310

Postal address

23 Saint Kildas Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9EX

Electronic mail

dave <at> KingServ <dot> org

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